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Uffizi Touch® interactive journey through four hundred years of Italian art: from Giotto to Caravaggio.

The first interactive digital art gallery of the entire artistic heritage of the Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence is on display in Milan

At the Steam Factory in Milan, the application of this innovative tool results in an event that weaves together all means of communication, enhancing both the outreach the learning of art history. In a very large parlour, informal and friendly, among big pillows where to lie down and soft seats, you can allow yourself to be permeated by the "liquid culture" with its overwhelming flood of lights, shadows, music, and with its giant, repeated, detailed, defined, reworked images. 

Through multi-projections with high resolution moving images, comes to life a multimedia show that enhances the cultural and creative Italian heritage that combines contemporary locations and ancient art.

The spectacular nature of the show is preparatory, is the antechamber for the study; emotions, when they get stimulated, create affections and curiosity: here is the innovation able to bring the general public closer to the artistic heritage.

Uffizi Touch® allows to approach 1150 works of art - those of the collection of the Uffizi Gallery, those of Vasari Corridor and a hundred that are in the depo of the museum. Four access routes: Works, Artists, Historical Period, Map. After selecting the desired work you can analyze it in every way you want (by zooming in/out to grasp the artist's brush strokes and the most hidden details, by virtually measuring the canvas or by consulting the information sheet. You can also select two works to compare them in every detail and explore the collection through thematic tours (landscape, jewelry, furniture, ...) thanks to the Hints feature.

It is a model that can be exported anywhere in the world and that, without jeopardizing the original works of art, promotes and attracts cultural tourism: lovers of art or technology have the opportunity, through this tool, to develop their own visits, personalizing the experience and the levels of deepening according to their interests.

For children and students there are endless possibilities of "driving" the educational visits with playful and interactive technology that make learning exciting.

The digital experience is enhanced by the devices of the visitors themselves who, through their smartphones and their tablets,  can download the application UBILIA® to access information content in front of what they are seeing depending on their position during the visit. For educational purposes, a Cloud interactive version for whiteboards has been developed with superb resolution and image quality with up to 10 GigaPixel.

The technologies underlying Uffizi Touch® can be customized for any cultural institution.