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VELORAPIDA THE CHROME - The luxurious electric bicycle, vintage-style, with rod breaks - € 2.664 (including CHARITY GIFT).

€ 2.664 VAT non included - € 3.250 VAT included. Any purchase made through Shopping&Charity-Made in Italy generates a charity gift

If you purchase through the platform Shopping & Charity-Made in Italy you promote companies and manufacturers with a philanthropic heart: by choosing to give yourselves or to donate a product of our selection, you will take part in a new way to deal with the market which supports charity projects.

S&C puts you in touch directly with who offers the product you have chosen to finalise the purchase.

Fill in the Form below with your details and will then be contacted by the company to confirm your purchase order.

The price does not include VAT, which is not applicable outside E.U.;  if the shipping address for this purchase is outside E.U. the price of this bicycle will be € 2.664 (import taxes, if any, will be charged to you as well as delivery cost); if the shipping address is within E.U. the price is €3.250 plus delivery cost.

To indicate if you need a chassis "superior" (+ € 81,97+VAT) recommended for users taller than 185 cm, please use the box "message".

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